SnowBall Effect now supports Kinect V2


Vardan Meliksetyan, you know from yesterday's post, Kinect for Windows v2 SDK and Unity 3D, also clued me in on this product announcement...

SnowBall Effect Game Supports Kinect V2


SnowBall Effect Game has been released in winter and since then injects addictive interest into people. Month after month this game supports different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows phones, Leap Motion, Kinect…Today SnowBall Effect already supports KINECT V2.

Bet most of you have already got acquainted with this game and are aware of the tricks of the game. Any way let us describe the craze of the game for Kinect V2.

The little SnowBall wants to grow and needs your attentiveness and mobility so as to get bigger and bigger. You should stand before the Kinect and instead of your fingertips or hands move your body leading the SnowBall through dangerous obstacles like rock crashes, tree crashes and so on. The longer you keep SnowBall moving and rolling the bigger and heavier it will be.

The game is extremely absorbing each time you intend to score more and take challenges.

The colorful and vivid HD graphics, cool winter atmosphere, progressively growing snowball, twinkling and tempting coins, painted A-frame for snowball, obstacles on and on along the way: stone vaults, rocks and trees and absorbing music design won’t let you out of the game.

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