Solving Some Common Kinect Problems

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Sometimes getting started isn't all that easy and if your Kinect isn't working it's hard to start coding with it (Gee, funny that). For the vast majority of people the Kinect and Kinect for Windows SDK is just plug and play. But for a few, it's not and it's hard to know where to go to get help. Here's a forum post that rounds-up a number of problems and their solutions...

Guide to Kinect and common problems (updated for beta 2)

I decided since people keep asking about the same questions over and over again i will make a guide. Note: some things work for different people and as this guide grows its depth will grow too to include the solution to your common problem.

Common checks to help solve problems:

1. Check where your kinect is plugged into and if all cables are hooked up. For instance, The usb ports on the back are all connected to the same hardware hub inside of the computer so sometimes any other device can conflict or draw power away from kinect if its plugged into the back. Also, the power cable which is sometimes a separate component needs to be hooked up to kinect for programming on the computer.

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The Discussion

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    marcos paulo


    My kinect does not work when I turn it over a long time the green light flashing, and then the light turns red and kinect stands. What should I do to fix this problem
    I tried to update but when you start with upgrading the video game shows that have error and update does not complete, and sometimes the full update but makes no difference. Please help me.
    Sorry about my english.....

    Thanks in advance.

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