[Special Edition] Kinect for Windows SDK v1.5 now available

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    Kinect Team,

    I am super excited about this new release.  The software upgrades are great and cannot wait for a new hardware upgrade in the next couple years.  Keep up the great work!

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    Excellent jog guys!

    Very excited about the new facial tracking direction you are undertaking.  Looking forward to working with this new SDK and Developer Tools.  Thanks...

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    Just one thing: it's necessary the new HW version for running all new 1.5 SDK version features?

    Thanks, Bye.

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    @D4r10: This is a software update only.

    The existing Kinect hardware works, with the same rules. You can use the Kinect for Xbox 360 for development but that's all and even that's not recommended. The current Kinect for Windows device is the recommended device for the Kinect for Windows SDK v1 or v1.5

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    I downloaded the new SDK and noticed a couple of changes from v 1.0.

    I had built a sample app using WPF C# and following the channel9 getting started videos for Kinect SDK 1.0.

    1) There is not KinectSensorChooser with the WpfViewers. I got around this by using the Kinect.Status_Changed event.

    2) I cannot get the skeleton viewer to work. The Kinect binding which was in V1.0 is not there in V1.5. Could someone help me with this.


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    @gduncan411:I know it was stated that facial tracking was an early release and this is going to be improved upon in SDK 1.5.1

    I also noticed in the video presentation that there were settings for full body motion or half body motion.  Is facial tracking also going to to be added as a setting in Kinect Studio with the upcoming SDK release?


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    @InfoCentral:I don't know... I'll keep my eyes open and if I see more will let you know.

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    Rob Relyea

    @yashdshaw -

    KinectSensorChooser got more investment in v1.5. Look in the DeveloperToolkit Browser under "Components". KinectSensorChooser is now a UI-less (logic only) class that finds Kinect Sensors for you app. KinectSensorChooserUI is a WPF based UI experience that uses KinectSensorChooser.

    SkeletonViewer still exists...we added a KinectManager to the viewers project...that the Viewers current rely on. Would love feedback. Perhaps you could go to http://bit.ly/KinectSDKForums and report how it goes and what questions or feedback you have.

    Thanks, Rob

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    Here is a page that can help with the Face Tracking in Kinect - http://nsmoly.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/face-tracking-sdk-in-kinect-for-windows-1-5/
    it has a code sample and tips on how to use the face tracking engine.

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