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Ray Chambers is doing it again, using the Kinect and Kinect for Windows SDK to make learning and teaching fun. This time he's taking on the spelling test...

Spelling Test with Kinect!

... I’m back with a new program!

Once again, the concept is simple but it’s been made so that one again, teachers don’t need programming knowledge to use it. I have made a simple spelling test that accepts 10 spellings in a text file. It then reads it into the program and once the student has checked their answer they just press the submit button by hovering over it!

Download the source code or the application to run from my sky drive: Click here


To view the source you will need the file “Spelling Test Source”, If you’re just out to try out this spelling test then open the zip file called “Spelling Test Full”. This one will not need any compiling. Just click on “Spelling Test” in the folder and you’re all set!

1. Run the application.

2. Wave your right hand in front of it and you will see a pink ball on your screen.

3. Once you are ready, hover your hand over the submit button.

4. If your spelling is correct, it will say well done and make a ping sound.

5. If your spelling is incorrect, it will say incorrect and make an error sound.

6. To reset your answer hover over the reset button.

7. To change the spellings open up the test file in the folder and change them.

That’s all there is to it. I’m hoping to use it this week in some of my ICT lessons to help the students spell their keywords they need. It should be fun and I can teach them the meaning of them at the same time. Bringing more literacy into your lessons! How RAD

Project Information URL: http://raychambers.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/spelling-test-with-kinect/

Project Download URL:https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=2852c4bb97c60a65&id=2852C4BB97C60A65%21155 (Download the "Spelling Test (Full)" for a pre-compiled version)

Project Source URL: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=2852c4bb97c60a65&id=2852C4BB97C60A65%21155 (Download the "Spelling Test Source")


private void SetEllipsePosition(Ellipse ellipse, Joint joint)
     Microsoft.Research.Kinect.Nui.Vector vector = new Microsoft.Research.Kinect.Nui.Vector();
     vector.X = ScaleVector(800, joint.Position.X);
     vector.Y = ScaleVector(600, -joint.Position.Y);
     vector.Z = joint.Position.Z;

     Joint updatedJoint = new Joint();
     updatedJoint.ID = joint.ID;
     updatedJoint.TrackingState = JointTrackingState.Tracked;
     updatedJoint.Position = vector;

     Canvas.SetLeft(ellipse, updatedJoint.Position.X);
     Canvas.SetTop(ellipse, updatedJoint.Position.Y);

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Video is courtesy of Ask the Music Teacher, http://www.askthemusicteacher.co.uk/archives/557

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