Strolling with the Kinect, remotely


Today's project is an inspirational project that provides another example of how the Kinect can be used to provide unique interface to virtual exploring. Found via Develop Kinect site's Kinect Virtual Remote Strolling post)

Remote Strolling - virtual strolling that feels almost physically real.

Remote Strolling connects a location to a distant, but related place.

Using a public display with a tracking device like Microsoft Kinect, a person can stroll around in a virtual representation of the distant place, using their body as a controller. Turning and tilting their body lets them look around, while they can move by jumping or walking in place. The physical interaction makes the strolling feel more real.

Remote Strolling could be deployed in public spaces or museums, letting visitors walk around the archaeological sites artifacts were found at, having a stroll around a historical version of the city they’re in, or calling attention to partner cities.

For an even more genuine strolling experience, the location’s current weather is represented as well. For historical sites, the current weather could be used as well, to strengthen the emotional bond.

To encourage strollers to explore the area, additional information can be shown: a compass display pointing strollers in the direction of points of interest; explanatory overlays for them; and hyperlocal news tied to specific places.

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