Students, now is your chance to join the Kinect Effect!


Student? Teacher? Excited about the Kinect? Want a chance to win cool stuff and compete with your peers from around the world? Think you have an idea that, with the Kinect, will change the world?

Join the Kinect Effect

The Imagine Cup 2012 Kinect Fun Labs Challenge asks students to think about entertainment with a social conscience and brings the Imagine Cup into the living room. It is a unique opportunity for students to develop applications that change the world with the Fun Labs area of Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. The Imagine Cup Kinect Fun Labs Challenge will test your Team’s ability to build a prototype which leverages natural user interface (NUI) features such as skeletal tracking, speech recognition, face recognition, and gestures. For this Challenge, we will provide you with state-of-the-art tools to develop Kinect Fun Labs style applications on your PC. And… the top 100 Teams that advance to Round 2 will receive a free Kinect for Windows sensor! Get started building your solution today.

Get your questions ready! Join Kinect Fun Labs Challenge Captain Dan Waters on 14 February at 16:00 or 23:30 GMT via Live Meeting and ask him about competing in the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge. Follow these instructions to join the Live Meeting. The Live Meeting sessions will be recorded and posted on this page under the Helpful Links. Find out what time these meetings take place in your country/region.

Ready to Get Started?
We know you are excited, but before you join the Kinect Effect, take a few minutes to read the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge Rules and the Imagine Cup Official Rules and Regulations.

Next: Register and sign up to compete in the Imagine Cup 2012 student technology competition, using the steps on this page.

Returning to Imagine Cup? You can skip Step 1 and sign in now at the top of the page with your email address and password from last year. You still need to sign up for the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge through your My Profile page. Read the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge Rules first but if you want to get started now, take a look below at what is required for Round 1.

New to Imagine Cup? Follow these four steps and you are on your way!

Step 1. Register. We need some basic information from you before you can get started.

Step 2. Sign up to compete in the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge through your My Profile page.

Step 3. Read the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge Rules before you begin your project.

Step 4. Start building your solution!

Round 1
Create a Team!

It can be a team of one, but that isn’t very much fun. Grab up to three of your smartest friends and challenge yourselves. All teams are required to complete and submit a Project Plan that describes your team’s gadget, the intent of your gadget, and details of the unique gadget features and how your gadget aligns to the Imagine Cup 2012 Theme - Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. Round 1 submissions are due by 23:59 PM GMT on 06 March 2012. Find out what time this deadline is in your country/region.

Meet Kinect Fun Labs Challenge Captain, Dan Waters. Dan is a Producer at Microsoft Studios (formerly Microsoft Game Studios), building technology to help create living room entertainment experiences for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. Dan has been involved with the Imagine Cup since 2007, most recently in 2011, where he served as the Windows Phone Challenge Captain. Dan’s areas of expertise include software development, XNA, mobile applications and games.

Listen to Captain Dan Waters talk about competing in the Imagine Cup 2012 Kinect Fun Labs Challenge.


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