TUIO based MultiTouch Kinect (SDK V1.0) for Windows7


Today's paper and free binary download provides another example of using the Kinect as a controller for non-Kinect applications. For example using the Kinect with Microsoft Paint...

MultiTouch Kinect(SDK V1.0) for Windows7, based on Tuio - OSC protocol

This paper describes both the implementation of an input provider, based on the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.0 and the algorithm of hand detection. The input provider sends the coordinates to the windows driver using a clustering hand detection algorithm, which analyzes data in depth at a distance between 800 mm and 1100 mm. The driver sends the data to a virtual Human Interface Driver that translates the "touch messages".



This input providers allows us to use any application (past and future) that works on touch devices.This paper has described the system and two start touch applications that demonstrates how to use the system implemented. However, the developer can use this type of software to do also different applications like for example home automation applications.

The use of the TUIO protocol guarantees not only low latency but also a certain robustness because it includes redundant information to correct any lost data packets.
The possibility of transmitting data over the network allows us to use the kinect without a direct connection to the PC where the final application is installed. This way the control can be distributed over multiple machines. The Kinect has made faster processing, and it has combined the use of gestures and voice control that extends the usage scenario.

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