Teaching with Kinect? Know there's a free trial program? Oh and there are 200+ Activity plans?


Today's post, via Alfred Thompson, isn't about the Kinect for Windows Device or SDK. I know, I know, the Gallery is supposed to be focused those, but schools and teachers have a special place in my heart and this IS about the Kinect, so...

Try Kinect at your K-12 School

Capturing students' interest and making concepts come alive is an educator's greatest challenge! Kinect™ for Xbox 360® can help get students engaged and inspired with immersive experiences.

Try Kinect at your K-12 School

The Kinect Trial Program gives K-12 institutions the opportunity to try Kinect™ for Xbox 360® at no charge and see first-hand how Kinect can help enhance traditional lesson plans, physical education, school communications and after-school programs. The Kinect Trial Program provides usage of one or more Kinect in Education Trial Kits for a limited period of time. Each Trial Kit includes:

  • Xbox 360 Kinect 250GB Bundle (Xbox 360 console, Kinect Sensor, Controller, cables – everything you need)
  • (5) Kinect games: Kinect Adventures, Kinect Body & Brain, Kinect Sports Season , Kinect Sports Season 2, Kinect YooStar 2 (middle & high school only)
  • Easy Instructions and checklists to help you get started
  • 200+ Kinect in Education Activity Plans
  • Posters and stickers for your school and students
  • To-parent flier and family discount for Microsoft Store
  • A pre-paid, return air bill for the Kinect Trial Kit
  • Short survey to provide feedback about your experience

If you would like to request a free trial, simply complete this online Kinect Trial Request Form and we will follow up directly to schedule your trial. For questions about the Kinect Trial Program, contact eduKinect@microsoft.com.

Learn more about Kinect in Education

See how Steuart Weller Elementaryhas used Kinect to engage students in the classroom, P.E., special education and more.

Visit www.microsoft.com/kinectineducation for more information, discounts for academic institutions and how to buy,

Project Information URL: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/alfredth/archive/2012/08/15/try-kinect-at-your-k-12-school.aspx, www.microsoft.com/kinectineducation

Kinect School Activity Plans

More than 200 ready-to-go activity plans are available to help you bring Kinect to the classroom, physical education and after school programs! Use the filter on the left side of the page to find activities based on subject, age, or Kinect game. For more ideas, visit the Kinect for Education Facebook page.


Project Information URL: https://www.microsoft.com/education/en-us/products/Pages/kinect.aspx#3