TechEd 2013 - Building Apps with the Kinect for Windows SDK


Dan Fernandez shows off the Kinect for Windows and Kinect for Windows SDK and how to build your next awesome Kinect application.

Building Apps with the Kinect for Windows SDK

Kinect enables you to light up and truly re-imagine how users interact with applications. Come learn about the Kinect sensor capabilities including how to read raw data from the Kinect, including color, infrared, and depth data. Then we’ll build on this to show how to use skeletal tracking, face tracking, and new features from the 1.7 Kinect SDK that enables developers to easily add click, grab, and drag gestures. You’ll also see demos from some of the most common tools used for Kinect app development including the OpenCV vision library and the Kinect Service networking library that enables reading Kinect data via Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.


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