That's smooth... Skeleton movement that is

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The next in our "Skeleton week" is a tip on providing smoother skeleton movement.

[# KINECT] HowTo: Soften the detection of movements in the skeleton


While we await the final SDK for developers with Kinect leave in a few days [GD: which by now is out], we still have to adjust quite a bit to make the SDK will allow us to make robust applications. One of these “debts” Kinect has with us is the ability to remove the “tembleque / tremor” have at each point of the skeleton when working with the same point to point or Joint to Joint. If you run the application that shows both skeletons in a Canvas of WPF, you’ll see that it works pretty well.

Now, if we modify it with a bit of the code base of this post, to add 2 worlds in each hand (I have ‘ s got the whole world in his hands!) in will see something similar to the following image. While I have not well adjusted the size of the form so that the worlds coincide 100% with each hand, when you run the application you can see that it is a flickering or tembleque a little weird when examines the detail of the skeleton.


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