The Forest Project, Unreal 4 and the Kinect, could help in Alzheimer's and dementia care


Today's article from Rich Edmonds highlights a crowdfunding project, A virtual forest for dementia, that provides a look at how care for Alzheimer's and dementia might be improved with the help from the Kinect for Windows v2. It's days away from closing and it might not hit it's target, but having been personally touched by Alzheimer's (twice) I have to applaud their effort and hope they make it...

New Alzheimer's and dementia care project powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Microsoft's Kinect


There are two serious illnesses affecting elderly around the world – Alzheimer's and dementia. While cures would be the perfect option for patients suffering from said cognitive diseases, until research and science combine to produce such results, we're left with technology attempting to make lives that bit more bearable.

The Forest Project utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, Smart-enabled TVs and Microsoft Kinect 2 to create an immersive experience in the form of virtual worlds. 

As well as helping patients with temporary reprieves, the technology also aims to help improve overall care by providing support teams with simulation to better understand how their patients see the world. The developers are currently running crowdfunding to reach a goal of AU$90,000 and further improve the project with beach or Christmas-themed environments.

Opaque Multimedia ( is working with Alzheimer's Australia Vic ( on the Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE). Be sure to check out respective websites for more information.

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