The Kinect helps turn a living room table into an augmented reality playground

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Today's inspirational project shows how the author combined the Kinect, XNA and his living room table into an awesome augmented reality experience.

Augmented reality living room table - Simple 3D Brick-game (My latest Project)

built a multitouch table for my living room,

its only 50 cenitmeters high which makes it perfect to use it from your couch.
But my latest project was the combination of the table and a kinect to build a platform for
augmented reality applications, but see for yourself.

Table details:

Width: 80 cm
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 55 cm
Display Size: 80cm x 60cm
Beamer : BenQ MS612ST Wideangle beamer
Camera : PS3 Eye with Wide Angle Lens 1.8mm 111° Field of View (FOV)
Infrared lighting: 4 infrared laser one in each corner


As few of you have mentioned at the moment it only works for one person, with more persons in the room, only one person has the correct view.

How i works is pretty simple, with the kinect I detect the headpositions of the user and map it to the coordinate-system of the table.

The technique for calculating the right perspective is called off-axis projection or Fishtank VR.

I don’t want to go in to much detail because there are so many papers out there which can give you really good explanation.
If you are interested google for these topics. To get a quick start look at the code of Johnny Lee’s VR Desktop code-->

For my Brick game I used the XNA framework.

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