There's a new book in town... "Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide"

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    Vuyiswa Maseko

    cant wait to get my hands on it. There is a lot content that i would like to read about on Kinect in the book.

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    Atul Gupta

    Congratulations Abhijit

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    rajesh r nair

    i have seen some chapters of this week, must say this is really very good for beginners.

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    Isamar Zarazua

    Hi! i'm looking for the others chapters of this book... please can you help me with this..
    do you know if this book is online?

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    @Isamar Zarazua: The book is available for purchase as print or ebook. Click through to "Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide". and the purchase links are there...

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    This book adds some info on Kinect, helping you a little bit to go further for a lot of money, compared to what you get ...
    Have managed to build the Kinect Info Box sample on page 50 & ff

    However, it does NOT give the complete picture to some issues like e.g. tracking the SkeletonJoint.RightHand x,y,z coordinates, why ?

    Repeats what we already know about Kinect,
    does NOT spell out what to code to make code complete, like on page 73
    Code samples are not listed on the download PACKT site,
    You can register, but PACKT want your E-Mail addr. for free (you already payed for the book)
    Code samples are not complete, see p 73,
    Code samples fail, try page 169 ff
    Main disapointment:
    Is not building on Kinect V 1.6 SDKs SensorChooserUI. or KinectSensorManager

    Kinect for Windows with Kinect V 1.6 on Windows 8 with Visual Studio Express 2012

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    Vuyiswa Maseko

    Dear anonymous

    Please don’t hide behind the “anonymous” because I want to understand your frustrations that i fail to understand and I would like to know who I am engaging.
    “You talked about the example Infobox in the book and you asked why the author does not give a complete picture about skeleton tracking. “
    The Author created the example to show you, how you can get certain info about your sensor, but not to track skeleton, this is an Infobox that tells you things about your sensor. In the book there are many parts where he explains the Skeleton tracking and also in the examples that you downloaded from PACKT everything is there.
    “Repeats what we already know about Kinect,”
    Not everyone knows what you already know, so when books are generally written, it is advisable that everyone should be presented with a basic knowledge of a technology, I have read books on advanced topics that contains basics about the technology, and do you want to crucify the Author because he wrote the book to cater for everyone? The Simple thing to do, if you know someone thing in a chapter Skip it and look at other chapters

    “Code samples are not listed on the download PACKT site,”

    That is definitely not true, go to the support tab on the PACKT website or follow this that is where i got them enter your email address which I don’t see nothing wrong in doing that, and that is not the authors fault but processes used by PACKT enter the Capcha and click on Go and PACKT will send you a download link to your email

    “Is not building on Kinect V 1.6 SDKs SensorChooserUI. Or KinectSensorManager”
    I am using V1.6 of the sdk and all the examples are working fine, so of all people who commented on this post, you are the only one. It seems you are not the one who have installed 1.6, if you have problems compiling your example project, why don’t you post your errors here and we might help resolving them.

    Hope these replies help you resolve problems and your understanding.

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    I have been reading this book for a while now. FYI, I know nothing about the device and the SDK, while totally being interested to learn it. I have bought this book and I am gradually learning things that are new to me. I don't know why you are fustrated. I used to get fustrated when I cannot understand the code or cannot run the code. But this book has made extra-ordinary work by pulling things that are rarely found over internet. Believe me, I would recommend this book always for a newbie.

    I think probably you might not be very competent on technologies used on the book. I dont know if you are aware of WPF or other ongoing technologies which are widely used on the book.

    Let me go a little on your findings and let me try out them myself.

    1. You seem to have managed to build InfoBox sample, that means you have a real device with you and it is connected.
    2. It does not give complete picture of Skeleton Tracking. Well, it is true. I think you need to read the book further to get the entire idea. This chapter overlooked on it intentionally I think, because there is a separate section for the same.
    3. Hmm, yes, there are sections which are intentionally cut down to decrease the page count. I know it might be hard for a beginner like you to code it completely. But probably this book is not intended to give insights on actual programming, and I think you need another book to learn WPF and/or windows programming before you can go with this book. This book is intended only for Kinect SDK.
    4. Page 169. I dont know why the code sample Failed for you. Did you added proper namespaces? As I see the code uses Linq, and probably you need to add that namespace in addition to the SDK ones. Can you specify your error message so that we could get an idea what you are missing (probably if you cannot fix it yourself).
    5. SensorChooserUI is not a part of SDK, it is a part of toolkit. I think the book already states how to use Kinect developer toolkit in Page 205.

    I think you should read the book again before you comment again.

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