Three games, one download in Kinect Games v2.42


David Renton, Friend of the Gallery, has bundled up all his Kinect games, Kinect Magic Mouse, Kinect Time and Kinect Angles, into one installer. Now it's even easier to start playing his games. (err... um... I mean... using them as teaching tools... um.. yeah.. that... Smiley

Kinect Games v2.42

Following on from my last post and while I was creating an all in one installer for xGames, I thought I should do the same for my Kinect Games. The installer below will install Kinect Angles v2.4, Kinect Time v1.1 and Kinect Magic Cursor v1.2. It will also install .net4, xna4 runtime and Kinect Runtime v1.5, basically it will install everything you need to run my Kinect Games. All you have to do is run it and then plug in a Kinect for XBOX360 or Kinect for Windows and you are set.


[Later, in a follow-up post, URL below]

...I have also changed all 3 applications so that an error message will appear and ask you to plug in Kinect if you haven’t done so; previously if you ran them without Kinect plugged in nothing would happen, they wouldn’t even launch.

So go ahead and download the new and improved Kinect Games all in one installer by clicking here. This time it will work (new filesize is a healthy 291MB).

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