UDK + Kinect = UDKinect


Speaking of game development and the Kinect (no that's not this week's theme, but...), I saw this on the Kinect Forums and like yesterday's project, thought there might be some of you who would find it useful.

[UDKinect] Kinect API for UDK

I have been working on an API to use the Kinect for Windows SDK with my UDK game and thought other developers might be interested.

You can download it and find detailed explanations at udkinect.com.

It takes 30 seconds to setup
- copy the dll to UDK/Binaries/Win32/UserCode
- add UDKinectInstance.uc to your project

And you are good to go!

It's supposed to be super easy to use, with simple function calls like UDKinectGetSkeletonPosition( ... ).
(Learn more about it at udkinect.com/index.php/documentation/programming-guide).

I'll keep this post up-to-date with the next updates (audio integration, etc)

And if you want to add anything, feel free to get in touch!


UDKinect is an API that helps you combine the awesomeness of UDK and Kinect.

It is based on the official Microsoft Kinect SDK and provides a fast easy-to-use interface for Kinect-based UDK applications.

We are currently using UDKinect for our upcoming game whose-name-should-not-be-said-yet, and we hope that, by sharing UDKinect with you, we will both improve it and help you make the most out of Kinect!


Project Information URL: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/kinectsdk/thread/44ace350-5940-4d53-a177-82d90ff2e02e, http://www.udkinect.com/, http://www.udk.com/

Project Download URL: http://www.udkinect.com/index.php/download