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Last week I was a little taken to task for not covering the many Kinect assets in the Unity Asset Store. Sure I've blogged about a few, but I'd never actually searched the Store for Kinect assets. I know, "Bad Greg..."

I have to thank Rumen Filkov (aka RF Solutions) for pointing this out. Rumen has a number of assets there in the store, free and paid, which I'll be covering in the coming week to make up for missing this great resource... :)

The first is Kinect v1 asset. Sure, the Kinect v1 has been out for years and been superseded by the Kinect v2, but there are still a good number of V1's out there...

Kinect with MS-SDK

This is a set of Kinect v1 examples that uses several major scripts, grouped in one folder. It demonstrates how to use Kinect-controlled avatars, Kinect-detected gestures or other Kinect-related stuff in your own Unity projects. This asset uses the Kinect SDK/Runtime provided by Microsoft. For more Kinect v1-related examples, utilizing Kinect Interaction, Kinect Speech Recognition, Face Tracking or Background Removal, see the KinectExtras package. These two packages work with Kinect v1 only and can be used with both Unity Pro and Unity Free editors.

Project Download URL: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/7747 

Kinect with MS-SDK


How to Run the Example:
1. Download and install Kinect SDK 1.8 or Kinect Runtime 1.8 as explained in Readme-Kinect-MsSdk.pdf, located in Assets-folder.
2. Download and import the package.
3. Open and run scene KinectAvatarsDemo, located in Assets/AvatarsDemo-folder.
4. Open and run scene KinectGesturesDemo, located in Assets/GesturesDemo-folder.
5. Open and run scene KinectOverlayDemo, located in Assets/OverlayDemo-folder.

The official release of ‘Kinect with MS-SDK’-package is available in the Unity Asset Store.
The project’s Git-repository is public and is located here. This repository is private and its access is limited to contributors and donators only.

* If you need integration with the KinectExtras, see ‘How to Integrate KinectExtras with the KinectManager’-section here.
* If you get DllNotFoundException, make sure you have installed the Kinect SDK 1.8 or Kinect Runtime 1.8.
* Kinect SDK 1.8 and tools (Windows-only) can be found here.
* The example was tested with Kinect SDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.
* Here is a link to the project’s Unity forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/218033-Kinect-with-MS-SDK

What’s New in Version 1.11:
1. Added max-user-distance setting to KinectManager, to allow max-distance limitation.
2. Added maps-width-percent setting to KinectManager, to allow specifying of depth & color maps width as percent of the game-window width.
3. Added colliders to the avatars in KinectAvatarsDemo-scene.
4. Updated KinectOverlayDemo-scene to use full-screen background.
5. Updated calls to the KinectExtras-functions, in order to sync them to the latest Extras’ version.
6. Fixed Playmaker-Kinect actions.
7. Converted package to Unity v.4.5.

Playmaker Actions for ‘Kinect with MS-SDK’ and ‘KinectExtras with MsSDK':
And here is “one more thing”: A great Unity-package for designers and developers using Playmaker, created by my friend Jonathan O’Duffy from HitLab Australia and his team of talented students. It contains many ready-to-use Playmaker actions for Kinect and a lot of example scenes. The package integrates seamlessly with ‘Kinect with MS-SDK’ and ‘KinectExtras with MsSDK’-packages. I can only recommend it!


Project Information URL: http://rfilkov.com/2013/12/16/kinect-with-ms-sdk/

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