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    Unfortunately UrhoSharp is not very well supported, as it seems to be a one band project within Xamarin, with little to no documentation (instead have to go to third party bullet documentation etc). There is no support for UWP on ARM.

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    I have tried c# 3D solutions using SharpDX (DirectX11 UWP XAML interop), OpenGLES (Microsoft Angle windowstore UWP XAML interop), and UrhoSHarp (Xamarin FORM XAML UWP x86).

    We need to lobby more interest from .NET developers to motivate Urho3D c++ developers to provide support for UWP X64 and UWP ARM DLLs => so that the Xamarin team can bring UrhoSharp to UWP x64 ARM in time for the Win On ARM coming Q4 2017. Without that, we only can deploy UrhoSharp in Win32 emulation mode in always connected PC (Win On ARM).

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