Using Kinect to create a HyperReality experience

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Today's post is a "wow, that just neat" proof of concept project (i.e. I don't have code to share or anything to download but it's pretty darn cool, so...). And hey, it's HyperReality, uses ardunio, and an official "I'm really not a geek" yellow full head helmet too.

HyperReality Helmet Uses Kinect To Create An Out-Of-Body Experience

We take our first-person visual perspective for granted every second of the day -- we have to, because our eyeballs are attached to our heads. But what if you could detach your personal "camera angle" at any moment and float away from your own body while still inhabiting it, like an on-demand out-of-body experience? Designer Maxence Paranche has created the next best thing in his HyperReality system, which uses a Microsoft Kinect to scan your physical environment and display it inside a virtual-reality helmet, so you can rotate the visual angle any way you like.


from Vimeo.


from Vimeo.

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