Using the Kinect and a projector as a movement teacher


Today's inspirational project is an example of how the Kinect can again be used in an unusual and unique way to teach and training "movement."

LightGuide: Kinect Teaches Movement

The latest job for a Kinect is to teach you how to move. In principle, it could teach you how to play the cello, perform martial arts or dance. But my guess is that you still need talent.

There have been a number of Kinect-related announcements from Microsoft Research recently but LightGuide if perhaps the most innovative in terms of what you can use a Kinect for.

In most cases the body tracking that the Kinect provides is simply used to find out where the body parts are and react to this in an appropriate way, e.g. by moving a ball. In this case the body tracking is used to locate the body part and project a helpful symbol onto it that indicates how the body part should move to complete the task correctly.

For example, if you are learning how to bow a cello then LightGuide will project a symbol showing how you should move your hand to best complete the task. The same applies if you are trying to learn a martial art or dance.

The big problem for the research team was to find a set of symbols that could be easily understood in terms of which direction in 3D the hand or arm should move, watch the video to find out more:

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