Using the Kinect to model your world with ReconstructMe

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Watching the Kinect make the previously impossible for mere mortals easy is one of the best things I like best about curating for the Gallery. Today's project is one such example... With the Kinect, the Kinect for Windows SDK and this free (for non-commercial purposes) download you can quickly and easily "model your world. How awesome is that!


Grab your camera and move around freely – ReconstructMe takes care of modeling your world.

ReconstructMe is an intuitive 3D reconstruction system offering unique features

ReconstructMe is free for non-commercial use and is being developed and maintained by enthusiastic software engineers at PROFACTOR GmbH.

The video below demonstrates how ReconstructMe successfully reconstructs an office-chair. The resulting 3D model is then fed into PROFACTOR’s 3D pose localization software to determine the location of the chair in space.

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The Discussion

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    This is so cool

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    Christoph Heindl

    Thanks for bringing this to public attention, Greg!


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    Benya Jamiu

    That is great but can any body guide me how to get this done , its so nice and educative as well
    i will be glad if any body can help ,im haping XBOX360

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    awesome, this works extremely well! Works with Xbox Kinect, Microsoft Kinect, and Asus Xtion

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    Great Post!!!!! This will work great with robotics studio simulation environment!! Smiley

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