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Today's project by Tomasz Kowalczyk provides one of those foundational pieces, a project that be key to building many others.

Imagine you want to build a project that estimates someone's measurements for shirt sizing? Or maybe Kinect based "growth measurement" kind of app (Last year you were this big, now you're...)? Or maybe provide different features depending on if someone is an adult or not (i.e. not kid sized?) Or build in a zoom in/out as someone moves closer/father away... or... or... I'm sure the ideas are just swirling our your head now, aren't they?


Set of tools and extension methods to measure skeletons. To use with Kinect for Windows SDK, written in C#.

This tools help you measure:

  • distance to the skeleton,
  • distance to the specific joint,
  • distance between two joints,
  • angles between joints.

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