Using the Kinect to teach CPR


The final inspirational project in our run up to v1 week is a project that looks to use the Kinect to help save lives by teaching CPR.

Mini-VREM Project

The main objective of this research project is the development of a low-cost training platform for quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation of lay and health care personnel.

In a previous work published on Resuscitation, Virtual reality enhanced mannequin (VREM) that is well received by resuscitation experts, We concluded that the prototype of a VREM was met with enthusiastic interest, unaffected by the need of utilizing interaction devices and deserves full technological development (for example movements, improvement of facial signs, and animation in different clinical scenarios) and validation in emergency care training.

The proposed training platform is composed of a traditional manikin for the physical interaction and Kinect Sensor, that will be automatically and reconstruct trainee’s hands position and posture while performing chest compressions.


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