Virtual Events Sample with Kinect for Windows NUI and Avatar


Today's project shows off a couple things that I've seen asked for allot, meshing the Kinect for Windows with an Avatar...

Virtual Events Sample - KINECT for Windows and Windows 8 Store App with Avatar

This sample app is composed by:

- A Server application (WPF App) which is controlling a KINECT for Windows and broadcasting the data to the network so it it consumed by 'n' clients.

- A remote Client app (Windows 8 Store C++ & DirectX app) which renders an 3D AVATAR showing every movement made by the guy who is in front of the KINECT for Windows.  

Requirements of the Sample


  • KINECT for Windows SDK 1.5
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Windows 8


This is a WOW app which shows topics like Connected devices, Windows 8 Store apps and C++ 3D development.

The new Windows Store apps that are built using C++ form a key pillar in the context of modern app development. This is especially important when you want to create the best quality and highest-performing apps capable of running on tablet hardware which require a long battery life and great performance on slower processors. 


Running the Sample

First, you need to run the Server app (ServerUI - WPF .exe). You need to have connected a KINECT for Windows to that machine.

Then, you configure the Virtual event characteristics (name, description, speaker, speaker's photo, KINECT and an optional WebCam for background images). finally, press the START button. It will start broadcasting the data.

Second, run the Windows 8 Store App (VirtualEventsClient) in any Windows 8 machine (a tablet is convenient). Join to the virtual event published, and HAVE FUN!

The WebAPI and Azure projects are not required to just make it work. They are a convenient location system that you could upload to any server.

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This app is related to the sample app called 'MY EVENTS - Sample Modern Application with Visual Studio 2012'. This is the URL of this other sample app:

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Note: If you have a problem building/compiling this Solution, try moving it up a folder level. On my system I ran into a build/linking error initially but when I moved the source from the ...\C#,C++\... folder up a level it compiled fine (some warnings, but no errors). Worse case, the precompiled binaries are in the zip too.