Virtual Postcard with Kinect

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This is a holiday week for many in the US were allot of companies encourage vacation time, where our kids are out of school and many of us are home (and by now, likely looking for something to keep us busy... Wink

That said, I think we need lots of code this week, so let's make this week a "CodePlex" theme week. Every day this week we're going to highlight a project that is hosted on CodePlex (and thereby should have a good bit of code for us to look at and play with this week...)

To kick this week off...

Immersive VirtualPostcard with Kinect

Fun and Immersive postcard simulator using Microsoft Kinect sensor and official SDK
Are you too busy to go in holidays ? Don't worry Virtual Postcard helps you to create a picture of you in a sunny/sandy scene.

This application is an proof of concept to validate the ability to extract a human from an original Kinect capture and inject in any scene.


  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft XNA 4.0 library (already included in the release)
  • Graphics card that supports, at minimum, Shader Model 1.1 and DirectX 9.0c.
  • Microsoft Kinect sensor (obviously)
  • Microsoft Kinect sensor driver (

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The Discussion

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    Sweet, but wouldn't you have been better off in your trunks?

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    hi, do you have a program where you can capture the scene with your postcard? i need a program that will capture image and have different background. please email me. this is my capstone project.

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