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Windows Phone, Surface, Touch and Kinect comes together in “seamless computing” demo

This is another "the future is coming sooner than we might think" (also known as a "Wow. that's just cool, I want that") story showing some amazing integration between the Windows Phone 7, Surface and Kinect.

nsquared demos “seamless computing” prototype at TechEd Australia 2011

An Australian software development company specializing in Surface applications took the spotlight of the Microsoft TechEd Australia 2011 developer keynote today with a pretty compelling “seamless computing” demo utilization the whole deck of Microsoft platforms including Windows Phone 7, Surface, Windows 7, Kinect and Silverlight.

The demo features a scenario where an architect is working on a house design project and needs to find a replacement part for a door handle that is no longer available. To visualize the change, they utilize a system that brings together the phone, a tablet, an interactive surface and gestures working in unity.

Project Information URL: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20110830/nsquared-demos-seamless-computing-prototype-at-teched-australia-2011/







Special note about the source;

One notable outcome of this project is that Microsoft and nsquare are going to be giving away the source code of the whole solution to universities (and others) for user experience education purposes

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  • El BrunoEl Bruno

    Really great demos !!!

  • El BrunoEl Bruno El Bruno

    Really great integrated demo !!!

    (now a post with my real face Tongue Out

  • Fernando UrkijoFernando Urkijo

    Amazing what you can achieve with .Net

  • I hate to be the negative voice here, because the ideas seem to be just fine, but I feel like I'm watching an episode of CSI, with magical Hollywood computers that already have all information prepared before knowing how to display it in a fancy way.

    How does the 2D picture of the lamp, taken from a tablet, become a full 3D model ?

    Who prepared a 3D model of the house and told "Bill" how to navigate from one room to another, by just naming the room ?

    Who created the doorhandle supplier website, where doorhandles were available as 3D models (I have yet to see any shop have a 3D rendering of any of their physical products - Let alone as 3D models you can actually download and put into your own 3D tool) ?

    Is the Microsoft table really both a touchscreen and a scanner, since it's possible to scan a piece of paper, by just placing it on the table ?

    Magical Hollywood computers are fine as entertainment, but showcasing them in a way that hints that all of these things are close to be possible, is a bit optimistic and gives a warped impression of what can be done with upcoming technologies.

  • I kinda agree with MrAndersen, The idea is great but the amount of work a compy would need to spend setting this up would outway the benifit. Companies will never create stuff like this unless there an extreamly easy to use intergration framework. I think Microsoft needs to make device intergration their next target and not just their devices.

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