Windows Phone, Surface, Touch and Kinect comes together in “seamless computing” demo

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    El Bruno

    Really great demos !!!

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    El Bruno

    Really great integrated demo !!!

    (now a post with my real face Tongue Out

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    Fernando Urkijo

    Amazing what you can achieve with .Net

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    I hate to be the negative voice here, because the ideas seem to be just fine, but I feel like I'm watching an episode of CSI, with magical Hollywood computers that already have all information prepared before knowing how to display it in a fancy way.

    How does the 2D picture of the lamp, taken from a tablet, become a full 3D model ?

    Who prepared a 3D model of the house and told "Bill" how to navigate from one room to another, by just naming the room ?

    Who created the doorhandle supplier website, where doorhandles were available as 3D models (I have yet to see any shop have a 3D rendering of any of their physical products - Let alone as 3D models you can actually download and put into your own 3D tool) ?

    Is the Microsoft table really both a touchscreen and a scanner, since it's possible to scan a piece of paper, by just placing it on the table ?

    Magical Hollywood computers are fine as entertainment, but showcasing them in a way that hints that all of these things are close to be possible, is a bit optimistic and gives a warped impression of what can be done with upcoming technologies.

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    I kinda agree with MrAndersen, The idea is great but the amount of work a compy would need to spend setting this up would outway the benifit. Companies will never create stuff like this unless there an extreamly easy to use intergration framework. I think Microsoft needs to make device intergration their next target and not just their devices.

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