Writing Voice Commands with the Kinect

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Vuyiswa Maseko is back, continuing his series and today, talking about voice commands...

How to Write using Voice Commands using Kinect

In this article I demonstrate to you how to use voice commands to input controls in your Kinect application.

I have been doing a Banking prototype in Kinect and i would like to share some exciting small piece of code that I have written with you. I will bring other parts of the functionality that tries to bring basic fundamentals of Kinect to you. This part of functionality represent a part where a system requires a bank account number to print a bank statement for the client without a client standing in a queue. 

There are good examples that you can learn from in this Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide book to get you started.


In this article I am trying to give you a basic command to convert your speech into Text and process the commands you have spoken in your application and see what you have said and also get an opportunity to correct it.


Create a WPF application as I have explained in the previous articles and make sure your xaml looks like this


Project Retrospective

When you run this project a window like the one below in figure 1.1 will appear
Figure 1.1

Now that your application is Running , say numbers from 1 to Zero , start with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and zero , you can add more commands and also don’t forget if you add a command you must declare also a grammar variable and also add it in your xml Grammar file, while you are saying the numbers the screen get refreshed with a new Number and if you made a mistake , you can say “Delete” to delete the last said number as depicted in figure 1.2 image


Project Information URL: http://www.dotnetfunda.com/articles/article2119-how-to-write-using-voice-commands-using-kinect.aspx

Project Download URL: Download source code for How to Write using Voice Commands using Kinect

Project Source URL: Download source code for How to Write using Voice Commands using Kinect

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