ZDK = Zigfu Development Kit = Commercial Kinect Development library for Unity3D and JavaScript


This is a commercial (though you can try it free) development kit that looks like a cool way to help you speed your Kinect development projects forward.


Zigfu is the easiest way to make and play Kinect apps. Download the plugin, hook up your sensor, and enjoy the future now!

The Zigfu Development Kit is the easiest way to make cross-platform, motion-controlled apps with Kinect in HTML5/Javascript, Unity3D and Flash. Applications made with the ZDK are portable across all operating systems, web browsers, computer vision middlewares, and 3D sensors

ZDK For Unity3D

The ZDK supports both Unity native and WebPlayer builds for motion-controlled apps. The Unity package included with the ZDK Unity bindings comes with several fully functional sample scenes so you don't have to start from scratch with your game. Like all the ZDK offerings, the ZDK for Unity3D works with both Mac and PC, with OpenNI/NITE and the Microsoft Kinect SDK, and with all consumer-level 3D sensors.

ZDK For JavaScript

Make your website motion-controlled with a few lines of JavaScript and HTML! The ZDK JavaScript bindings give you access to the depth, image, and skeleton data from the Kinect as well as control over the type of user engagement and some higher-level abstractions for user interface components. Written in idiomatic JavaScript, it interacts seamlessly with most popular JavaScript frameworks, including JQuery, prototype.js, and MooTools.

Project Information URL: http://zigfu.com/en/

Project Download URL: http://zigfu.com/en/downloads/browserplugin/

Project Source URL: http://zigfu.com/en/documentation/recipes/