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This commercial that's currently in beta, for which you can sigh-up for now, is one that as a developer I find interesting. While we love to play with something new, integrate a new device, after a few, you have to start thinking there's got to be an easier way. That instead of integration code, you want to just build your app. That's what I found interesting about It looks like, once you learn it, you can then focus on your app, even as tech changes and new devices become available...


Provide your public with new digital experiences!

For advertising, art & live shows, health, home automation, web experiments, etc... The range of possibilities is only limited by imagination!

Create easily with Javascript and AS3

Save precious time with only 10 lines of code instead of thousands, and an hour coding instead of days!

Same app functions whatever the sensor!

Create everlasting gesture-apps, regardless of sensor diversity and/or SDK evolution!

from Vimeo.

Gesture-based Interaction.


CREATE GESTURAL INTERACTION: make your public interact easily through natural hand and body movements, users are no longer spectators but  fully engaged actors – your message is emancipated!

EASILY: Gestures.IO lets developers create and deploy gesture touchless animation simply through standardized script languages: Javascript and Actionscript.

SUSTAINABLY: The same app functions whatever the connected sensor. Gestures.IO allows you to create everlasting gesture-apps, regardless of sensor diversity and/or SDK evolution!



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