moveIT! Kinecting to CAD


Today's project is one of those kinds of projects you all know that I dig, where the Natural User Interface is meshed with CAD (i.e. something that is peanut butter and jelly good!)

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moveIT is an add-in application for Autodesk Inventor that enables the posing and positioning of a human body model, using Microsoft Kinect sensor and movements of your own body.

The moveIT add-in enables the posing of a human body model with your own movements. For example, if you lift a hand or bend an elbow, the pose of the human body model open in Autodesk Inventor updates accordingly.

Key features:

  • All major joints are supported: head, torso, arms, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and legs
  • Ability to control not only the pose but the position of the model as well: if you jump or make steps in any direction, the position of the human body model in Autodesk Inventor updates accordingly
  • Ability to adjust size and proportions of the human body model to better fit specific needs
  • Ability to interact with the virtual environment, 'activating' and 'deactivating' blocks with a touch

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