nsquared sky spelling, hotel kiosk, media viewer (and as a special bonus the free spydar too)

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While there's no source and you'll need to contact them to download the app's, I still thought it appropriate to highlight this post and the continued effort ISV's are putting into the Kinect for Windows device... (and you all know I'm just a sucker for educational Kinect for Windows examples...)

nsquared releases three new Kinect for Windows-based applications

The following blog post was guest authored by Celeste Humphrey, business development consultant at nsquared, and Dr. Neil Roodyn, director of nsquared.

A company that is passionate about learning, technology, and creating awesome user experiences, nsquared has developed three new applications that take advantage of Kinect for Windows to provide users with interactive, natural user interface experiences. nsquared is located in Sydney, Australia.

At nsquared, we believe that vision-based interaction is the future of computing. The excitement we see in the technology industry regarding touch and tablet computing is a harbinger of the changes that are coming as smarter computer vision systems evolve.

Kinect for Windows has provided us with the tools to create some truly amazing products for education, hospitality, and events.

Education: nsquared sky spelling

We are excited to announce nsquared sky spelling, our first Kinect for Windows-based educational game. This new application, aimed at children aged 4 to 12, makes it fun for children to learn to spell in an interactive and collaborative environment. Each child selects a character or vehicle, such as a dragon, a biplane, or a butterfly, and then flies as that character through the sky to capture letters that complete the spelling of various words. The skeleton recognition capabilities of the Kinect for Windows sensor and software development kit (SDK) track the movement of the children as they stretch out their arms as wings to navigate their character through hoops alongside their wingman (another player). The color camera in the Kinect for Windows sensor allows each child to add their photo, thereby personalizing their experience.



Hospitality: nsquared hotel kiosk

The nsquared hotel kiosk augments the concierge function in a hotel by providing guidance to hotel guests through an intuitive, interactive experience. Guests can browse through images and videos of activities, explore locations on a map, and find out what's happening with a live event calendar. It also provides live weather updates and has customizable themes. The nsquared hotel kiosk uses the new gestures supported in the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7, enabling users to use a “grip” gesture to drag content across the screen and a “push” gesture to select content. With its fun user interface, this informative kiosk provides guests an interactive alternative to the old brochure rack.



Events: nsquared media viewer

The new nsquared media viewer application is a great way to explore interactive content in almost any environment. Designed for building lobbies, experience centers, events, and corporate locations, the nsquared media viewer enables you to display images and video by category in a stylish, customizable carousel. Easy to use, anyone can walk up and start browsing in seconds.

In addition to taking advantage of key features of the Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK, nsquared media viewer utilizes Windows Azure,  allowing clients to view reports about the usage of the screen and the content displayed.

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Project Information URL: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/archive/2013/05/30/nsquared-releases-three-new-kinect-for-windows-based-applications.aspx, nsquared sky spelling, nsquared hotel kiosk, nsquared media viewer

Here's a video of the nsquared sky spelling;

Finally while your there make sure you check out the free nsquared spydar

Track your space invaders with nsquared spydar, an application that allows you to capture videos of any one who moves in front of your Kinect. All you need is a PC, and a Kinect for Windows device to try it, and best of all - it's free! Why not try it now, just click on the download link to the right!

Kinect for Windows enables businesses and public organizations to develop innovative applications, which utilize the Kinect natural user interface.

Capture video of intruders!

Easy to setup and install.

It's completely free

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