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Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit


The Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit is a set of Silverlight controls, converters, and helpers to make your life easier. The controls started as useful items when we were building out different the initial set of Coding4Fun applications for the Windows Phone and now we’ve grouped them together!


  • About Prompt
  • Color Hexagon Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Color Slider
  • Input Prompt
  • Message Prompt
  • Memory Counter
  • Password Prompt
  • Progress Overlay
  • Round Button
  • Round Toggle Button
  • Super Slider
  • TimeSpan Picker
  • Toast Prompt

Abstract Classes:

  • PopUp class for things like an Input Prompt that can be GPU accelerated      


  • Boolean to Visibility
  • String To Visibility
  • Themed Image Converter
  • Inversed Theme Image Converter
  • Visibility to Boolean

Binding Helpers:

  • Textbox / Passwordbox update Source on Change

Data Helpers:

  • PhoneHelper for getting data out of the WMAppManifest file
  • Color Extensions