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Project Detroit: OBD-II Manager


Read diagnostic information from your car and display it on a slick instrument cluster dashboard!

The OBD-II Manager project is the OBD-II sub-system and instrument cluster application from the Project Detroit Mustang we built with West Coast Customs.  If you're not familiar with this project, you can find out more about it here and here.

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics.  In the world of cars, this can be thought of as the computer which has a variety of data points which can be queried, such as speed, fuel level, and even trouble codes that relate to the check engine light.  If you've ever taken your car in for service, your service center has hooked up the car to a computer via the OBD port to get the status of the car and what may not be working properly. 

This project contains a library you can use to integrate OBD data into your application, as well as a modified version of the actual Instrument Cluster application used in the Project Detroit car which shows how the library can be used.

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