The Coding4Fun Show: Advanced Rendering with Silverlight, Rick Barraza

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    Nice interview, but the articles were more helpful. Maybe this show should include some more coding and live up to its name. Wink Apart from that: keep up the good work! Smiley

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    @DennieBee, thanks for the comment.  The goal of the videos is to supplement, definitely not replace, the blog and article content.  The blogs and articles are fantastic for learning exactly how to create projects, but I've often felt that the developers of these awesome applications and techniques don't get their due credit and don't get to talk about the things on their mind...why they code for fun, how they came up with their ideas, their thoughts on the industry, etc.  It gives us a chance to put a face with the project.  I'm hoping the show allows us to display another side to Coding4Fun outside of straight technical content and allows viewers to get a feel for the people and personalities behind these creative and fun projects.

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    Amazing effects.

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