Metro style apps using XAML: what you need to know

Play Metro style apps using XAML: what you need to know
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If you are experienced with .NET or C++ and are already familiar with XAML, come learn everything you need to know to create a Metro style app for Windows 8. This session will cover updates to familiar features including basic controls, styling, and data-binding, and explore concepts that are new for Windows 8. Discover how you can build an amazing experience that is driven by touch, uses new Windows controls, and integrates well with Windows 8. This foundational session will show you how to turn your XAML skills into money making Metro style apps.

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The Discussion

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    Can we have video please????

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    Great talk, I learned a lot from it, very well organized. Well done Joe!

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    Excellent XAML code demos.  Covers Grid, List, Flip views.  I know very little about XAML and this session helped to raise my awareness considerably.  I have it tagged to watch again.  Joe has a very upbeat presentation style.  Great job Joe!

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    Johan Sundstrom

    Can we have video please????

    Didn't work for me in Chrome either. But in FireFox it rocked. I'm running Vista x86

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    very good session. the presenter knew what he was talking about, I could understand a bit more how xaml and what are now wpf, silverlight, etc controls are integrated into the OS, and a very nice overview of the new stuff available to windows 8 metro style apps. good job!

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    Held my attention all the way through.

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    I have a question? I'm good with C# and visual basic, now is it necessary for me to learn XAML, can't I build apps the way I did with VS '10 , all the grid designing with the IDE?

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