Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World"

Play Windows Runtime internals: understanding "Hello World"

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    An absolutely great overview of the internals of WinRT.  A must for any COM developer from yesteryear so as to understand how COM has evolved.

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    Russell Mason

    I was really excited about Windows 8 until I saw this. I feel like I've just stepped back in time 20 years. COM, oops, WintRT! I thought we had moved away from the registry and all of those nightmares. When watching this video you can't help but feel concerned that this is a step backwards.

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    OMG - welcome back to the 90s. Registry, COM, blah blah

    Obviously some political infight was won by somebody that thinks that .net is a toy and now the real programmers get to rule the roost again.

    Ironic that I am watching this using SL - a now dead technology

    Also I saw this 'using winrt from c#' presentation where a guy proudly went - 'now we can access the web cam from c# without using p/invoke - applause please'. All us SL devs went - huh? We have had that for ages

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    You left out the part where WinRT will prevent the owner of the computer from installing the Metro applications of their choice.

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    It does seem like a moronic anachronism. WTF has nobody at MS learnt the cost of these chatty interfaces? Jusr start a process and keep a function pointer to talk to it. Call it with all the information you have. Once. Boom. WinRT process activation in 5 minutes and ten lines of code. You're welcome!

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    Consistent WinRT API - Excellent
    WinRT Projections - Excellent
    Metro style UI - Excellent
    Touch - Excellent
    Cross hardware architecture - Excellent

    Registering apps in the Registry - Crazy
    Not being able to just run an app without Microsofts permission - Disaster

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    If app registration happens in HKCU, how do you prevent a desktop app from corrupting or injecting an exploit of the metro apps?

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    please, next time Matt asks for a 2-hour slot for his talk, GIVE IT TO HIM!

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    Wow, very nice talk! I really enjoyed the details. I wish you had gotten that 2 hour slot you wanted :)

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    If anyone is looking for the debug tool I used in this presentation, a non-Microsoft sponsored codeplex project has been started that is hosting such a tool, you can find it here:

    Or you can write your own using the IPackageDebugSettings interface.

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    Awesome, nice, deeeeeeeeep debugging techniques that really helped me to understand how things are really happening under the covers.

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    @Russell Ditto. It was such a disappointment to learn that the new app model is just lipstick on the COM pig. I guess the "re-imagining" is only skin deep. I had dreams of app deployment being a simple file copy with the entire app and its configuration existing in a file folder rather than being scattered throughout the registry. I guess we'll be stuck with this COM mess as long as the 10 people in the universe who still think the registry and DCOM activation are a good idea are still building Windows.

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    Walter Sobchak

    @pm100 Well, SL is coded in C++. No wonder it could provide you with Webcam access through a proxy.

    You people should really stop bashing COM for your inability to use it properly. Heck, even Apple adopted the idea and its working well.

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