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    Alois Kraus

    Very nice overview. The added WPA capabilities for export and comparison are great additions. I still have the feeling that far to less people are using it. The experience on Windows 7 machines x64 for managed code is still bad because you need to use NGen images for managed call stacks. This is due to a Windows 7 bug which does stop the stackwalk when the first frame is encountered which does not reside inside a dll. This is the case for dynamically generated code by the JIT compiler. Please fix the stackwalking on Windows 7 x64 since we still need to target Windows 7 for quite some time.

    I have shown WPA to a colleague to find a near impossible to track down perf issue. All was great. While leaving I told him to delete the NGen images so .NET 4.0 does not pick them up although newer assemblies have been deployed. A few days after that I stopped by again just to discover that he was unable to delete the NGen images. When in doubt uninstall. In this case he did uninstall .NET. After that nothing worked anymore and he did call our IT department for a fresh install which did cost him 2 days. These first time experiences are no good press for managed code developers working on large apps in x64 Windows 7 environments. And do not tell me to switch to Windows 8 because when I do look at our suppliers at India they are still using XP as long as possible.

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