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JavaScript has grown from a webpage toy to being used in large-scale deployments both on the server and in the browser. This rapid growth has outpaced the growth of the language itself, which lacks features that allow teams to communicate requirements and build applications safely. This session will be a guided tour of TypeScript, showing how the language and toolset makes it easier to write cross-platform, large-scale JavaScript applications.








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    Anders is such an awesome developer and presenter! So fluid and personable.

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    Someone went to bed before encoding the video for us poor people not there in person - get the video up there already then! ;) :)

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    TypeScript to the all browsers by default!

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    , joda wrote

    Someone went to bed before encoding the video for us poor people not there in person - get the video up there already then! ;) :)


    indeed... So slack!!!

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    Excellent Session! Thanks to Anders for such an awesome delivery of both Typescript and this presentation.

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    Very clear presentation. Thanx

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    Anders is always on wave. Thanks.

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    Great video, very promising piece of software. Thanks !

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    @52:50: "Allow implicit any type": Is it possible to create a warning instead of an error? The reason is that once I turn off this switch, I have thousands of "errors" and I can't distinguish them from "real" errors. So, I have no way to add types step by step when I'm trying to convert my code to Typescript in a large project.

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    Great clear and easy to understand talk! My timestamped draft notes till minute 36:00 follow. For full notes, watch my blog for future post.

    636 ref Google's Closure compiler that allows adding type annotations in comments
    900 interface introduced, eg. Entity
    1100 easy refactoring via VS2013 of prop renaming due to local var name collision
    1225 interface is structural typing, specifying an obj's properties
    1430 optional prop name ends with ? But has type to be obeyed if prop is used
    1500 can have methods in an interface
    1640 javascript type system manifests at run time. Typescript reveals it at compilation.
    2040 generics use in sorting example
    2115 generics are used to flow types. "T extends Entity"
    2345 callback use in generics sort example
    2450 lambda expression use, not yet in Ecmascript 6
    2610 Typescript is a preview of Ecmascript 6 compiled to code that can run on Ecmascript 3 browsers
    2740 ref type declaration file
    2850 declaration file can be written for any Javascript framework. Gain the power of types
    2910 ref site repository of type declarations
    3030 writing classes is same with future Ecmascript 6 class
    3400 class methods translation into Javascript
    3425 private properties support has no JS equivalent but may be used for future Ecmascript 6 support of hidden properties
    3550 implicit definition of public properties via their declaration in constructor's signature

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    Timestamped draft notes of the entire talk can be found in my blog post

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    Why cant TypeScript have type constraint following C# convention?

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    First things first, THANK YOU, Anders. Amazing video and impeccable presentation, made things to understand so much easy.

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