Localize Windows Apps Using the Multilingual App Toolkit

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Expand your app into multiple markets using Visual Studio + Multilingual App Toolkit. No matter which Windows device families your app is targeting, the Multilingual App Toolkit provides a simplified localization workflow so you can focus on delivering great features. This session will cover enabling and use the toolkit in your daily development effort as well working with translation vendors and community translators. Speaker: Cameron Lerum.



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The Discussion

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    Amazing tools to localize app to other languages!

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    Google Translate is not really better than Bing Translator when it comes to translation between European and East-Asian languages

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    Great information and I love the toolkit for UWP strings using xid, but the apploc samples will not load in VS2017 and I was looking for help strings that are not constants. Also when I add new strings to en-US\Resources.resw and Generate Machine Translations FindWordApp1.es-US.xlf is updated but the other languages files under Strings for example  es-US\Resources.resw are not.

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    MAT is great.  The translations are not free any more but I still localize for every machine-translated language.  The majority of our installs are non-English-speaking.  

    MAT has made it so easy we do this for all our apps.  In an effort to understand why most developers are not doing the same I asked Reddit why .NET developers skip localization/globalization?

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