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    Adina, este un orizont de timp rezonabil pentru Cortana in română?

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    Cortana for PT-BR Brazil?

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    Any plans to modernize Speech Recognition that was first introduced in Windows Vista? Has several features Cortana could benefit having.

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    Jak mogę sprawdzić na jakim poziomie jest Windows 10 chciałbym potestować a mam Nokie Lumia 630 kiedy będzie Polsce Cortana? Czy nie będzie?

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    When polish wersion Cortana speaker?

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    Kardeşim kortana Türkiye ne zaman gelecek ?? Cortana for Turkey :D :D I cant speak english :D :D

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    When а russian version Cortana?

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    кортана понравилась,функция полезная. Но значок на панели удобнее был бы справа,как аналог "меню пуск"(с обычными размерами значка). После установки W10 возникают проблемы с запуском и с корректной работой проводника.

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    Ravi Silveira Campos sousa

    I would like which Cortana it is avaliable in portuguese Brazilian language and the windows10 has same resource in the many countries and language.

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    Filiberto Zaragoza

    You move so slow to release cortana in More language besides US / SPAIN regions.

    Cortana is 1 year old, and still only 2 countries and 1 is in beta...

    I WANT Cortana in Spanish-México. it's incredible that you are porting everything to android and IOS, yet the core, most loyal users are left behind, we have become second class citizens.

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    Adina Trufinescu

    This is a trick in case you run into issues with Cortana failing to recognizing commands.
    In Power Shell run
    get-process speechruntime | kill

    This is how to kill Cortana in case it is becoming unresponsive
    get-process searchui | kill

    When nothing else works:
    get-process explorer | kill

    Restart Explorer from Task Manager

    You should be good to go - sorry for the pain

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    Hi, I am from the UK and when I click on the search bar, it says Cortana is not available for my area, yet if I change the Language to USA English it is. When will it be available for the UK English language. Thank you.

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    Bonjour. Cortana dans la build 10162 ne reconnaît pas ma voix:désolé, je n'ai pas compris me dit-elle ou m'ecrit-elle.

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    Как в WindowsTechnical Preview так и в Windows Insider Preview в браузерах часто вылетает Abobe Air\Flash Player-это просто их болезнь,в стандартных Windows браузерах есть поддержка Microsoft Silverlight,но кто ими пользуеться?Несколько некорректная работа меню пуск,а так- довольно быстрая и красивая OS

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    Stefano Scalcinati

    Is it possible by the App Service or there are specific tags in configuration file to manage roles security, accessibility, rights, in order to avoid to give unauthorized commands in a Enterprise application?


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    com relação a cortana para PT Brasil considerando eles escrevem Brasil com Z já podemos ver que somos levado tão asserio quanto o coco do cavalo do bandido que para não deixar rastro ou pista que ele existe. percebe-se a relevante consideração que eles tem com nosco vos a todos os brasileiro

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