Moving to the Universal Windows Platform: Porting an App from Windows 8.1 XAML or Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10

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    martin aoseb

    very good

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    juni putro

    free dowonload windows 10

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    I wonder if Windows 10 will support the Lockscreen provider which is within the Windows Phone 8/8.1 Silverlight apps. I have several apps which I would love to re-integrate features into which I had to cut when I converted them to Windows 8 Universal

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    Tiago Pedroso

    Then... Finally the Windows Form will die in Windows 10?

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    My package.appxmanifest editor wont open in the designer in the new VS 2015 RC so I'm forced to edit it the old fashioned way. How can I add file extensions to a windows universal app(windows 10) like this one from an 8.1 app:

    <Extension Category="windows.fileTypeAssociation">

    <FileTypeAssociation Name="mp3">










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