Cortana: Learn How Cortana's New Capabilities can Proactively Drive User Engagement with Your Apps

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Cortana is evolving from reminding users about things to helping them get things done. Cortana can now proactively surface your app to users in the right context, and provide your app with relevant information to act on, making it quick and easy for the user to work with your app, or even complete tasks on the user's behalf. In this session we'll walk through these new Cortana capabilities, and how your existing UWP apps – with minimal effort - can use them to increase engagement and discovery.



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Moscone 2005



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The Discussion

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    Adam Wright

    Are voice commands coming to iOS and Android in the future? Insights makes a lot of sense for the future of the platform and how it can be most useful, but I would like to think that voice commands are also a very useful feature when you want to take an action or query some application.

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    +1 Adam Wright.

    As Cortana app is available on iOS and Android, can I make Cortana Voice enabled apps for iOS and Android using Xamarin?

    I would like users to interact with Voice (Natural User Interface) with my apps on iOS and Android (like on Windows).

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