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    Warren Postma

    Mad props to Amanda and to the VS devdiv team for making the "second chance" demo happen. She must have been exhausted by this point in the day.

    Just a bit of feedback; You are probably already aware of this but the channel 9 video playback experience is quirky for me. I get a higher quality experience using Google Chrome than I do with Microsoft Edge. Not sure why, but the video playback mode will periodically malfunction on microsoft edge (latest win 10 non-insider) in ways that do not happen on Chrome. I initially started watching Build 2016 on Edge because I suspected that would be the smoothest experience but it isn't. Both Firefox and Chrome are working more smoothly for me than Edge is for watching streaming video of the main plenary sessions or the msdn channel9 commentary booth sessions.

    The production quality on Channel 9 is great as always. Give my regards to all the Microsofties and partners who are working their collective bahookies off to make Build 2016 awesome.

    I'm a big fan of Visual Studio 2015 and I'm loving the news that came out of day one at build.

    Warren Postma
    Toronto Canada

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    I'm watching Build from Jordan, I've a 16Mb ADSL internet connection, and I have windows 10 the latest update installed (not insider).
    I'm watching using Edge and my experience is just great, I think there is something wrong with your PC Warren.

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