Add-in Commands in the Office Ribbon

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    Hello Speaker,

    I tried the Add-Ins Command for office word 2016 version 15.22.1 on Mac.

    It's not showing the custom tab with different button.

    However my add-in is showing in "Add-In" list.

    Can you please tell on which version of word Mac support the Add-Ins Command?


    Vishal Rathod

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    Is it support for office 2013 word or only for office 2016?

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    BERBERSKY Berberos

    Hello Mr Lezama
    How about the Task pane in Office Access? is it avilaible?

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    I do not find project type outlook addin.I found Outlook web addin and when I start debugging.It donnot run project on desktop installed office outlook app.Rather than,it redirect me on

    How to debug project on Outlook desktop app?


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    I just wanted to make a button on Office ribbon. HOW????????

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    I don't see option for Outlook Add-in in Visual studio Community 2013 . All other options I have are Word 2010 Add-in, Word 2013 Add-in, Excel 2010 Add-in , Excel 2013 Add-in etc. But no Word Add-in, Excel Add-in etc.

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    Are add-in commands supported by Office 2013 or lower versions?

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