The State of Progressive Web Apps

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We discussed what Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are and their benefits as they allow developers to create web apps that progressively light up features on modern mobile browsers to offer many features that native mobile apps offer today.



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    So why can't people just learn native application development? Why encourage people to make web apps? It's not that hard to build a UWP app is it?

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    Patrick Kettner

    @DeadStack - lots of folks don't want to build UWPs. Lots of people do. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

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    Katie Johnstone

    @ImagnGames ... Just built a cross platform native app? Web sucks always has. Why HTML when the app is running on device. I get the idea of HTML when you have a web server and can't run locally but it's not the case anymore.

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    Very informative discussion. Great job!!! I believe PWA is the future for LOB applications as large enterprises tend to be more web centric for various reasons. 

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    Sounds great, finally I have to develop a website and a native app for each mobile platform, just ONE PWA site!

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    I wish Edge would support "Add to homescreen" behavior without requiring registration through the Windows store. Free the PWAs from the store!

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    Well, hta files were really cool at the time in that you could set up printers to a Win PC from a browser and do a lot of stuff via web that previously would require a thick client. Then we had Silverlight, now PWA. What is old is new again indeed.

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    Great to see such enthusiasm. Interesting talk.

    Personally, C# for me is now a legacy language. I never understood why - if you have say 10,000 users - you would ever want to be running most of your code on a few servers. Doesn't make logical sense. Run as much code on clients. Store it all in cache. Contact Server only when absolutely necessary.    

    One feature I would like is to be able to set Network Printer Page Layouts from Browser. As it stands you can only set Page Layouts for Local Printers. Security breach I would guess, but if you could pass credentials that would be useful.

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