Play Windows 10 on ARM
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For the first time ever, our customers will be able to experience the Windows they know with all the apps, and peripherals they require, on a mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC. Watch to learn more and see Windows PCs running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.



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    Any blog that I can get some more details on the emulator layer and CHPE?

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    No drivers; that's a big win!

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    Andrei Warkentin

    Dear COSD,

    Awesome demo, and awesome technology. Couple of questions:
    1) Why is UWP restricted to x86, x64 and 32-bit ARM packages? Will there be an ARM64 UWP target?
    2) Will the x86 BT layer support x86 UWP applications? There already exist AArch64 implementations with no 32-bit support (e.g. Cavium) and the specification does not mandate 32-bit support.
    3) Are most of the system binaries demoed AArch64 or AArch32. Why is the store application 32-bit? Is this a decision stemming from the potentially limited system resources on first generation devices shipping with Win 10? (e.g. 4GB ram)

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    Andrei Warkentin

    Oh and please bring WSL to Win10 on ARM64. Hopefully it doesn't need to be explained why.

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    Do Win32 application that rely on loading third party DLL's at runtime function on ARM devices?

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    are the few "old" windows phones with creators update and without sd835 processor gonna get this update (without x86/x64 emulation possibilities)?

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    Sounds interesting, but we have been burned too many times with cool Microsoft technologies that fall by the wayside a year or two later. We built Silverlight apps and invested in that technology. We have Windows Mobile apps. Among others.

    Haven't we been here? Surface RT? Oh, that's dull, let's drop it and start over in a couple of years and screw a new group of device buyers.

    I'd like to see Microsoft *focus* on one or two key new technologies and push them for the long term. So many that we could have used or could use now but as developers we shy away because we don't know what will happen next year. I would love to use Windows IOT, but we got burned with Windows Compact 6 & 7, so our embedded projects are largely Linux now, so we have a chance that the code investments will still have value in two or three years. And personally I *despise* Linux, it's code by committee, though many will disagree.

    Funnily enough, my 3rd Windows Phone will be going into the bin this weekend. A Moto G5 plus is supposed to be delivered sometime today. Not a giant Android fan either, but I need things like maps and PC syncing to work. My Lunia phone's technology is great, but nothing works. Can't even open a USB connection to a Windows PC any more: it works after a clean install and dies after the first update that gets applied on a couple of laptops and PCs.

    </rant> (6)


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    It is just so overwhelming. I love simplicity and find that equally satisfying. Why do I need all these technical infiltrations. It should be choice versus imposition.

    I enjoy my lobster warm to the touch and removed from the shell versus staring at all that extraneous housing to enjoy my time in a satisfying manner.

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    Can it play LoL?

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    Now build a new phone with SD835 with full Windows 10 ARM, with normal Win10m UI when using normal phone mode and that allows running desktop apps when connected to Microsoft Display dock and external monitor while providing here full Windows 10 UI. This is what everyone waits for, no tablets or small laptops, PHONES is what business people want!

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    Can UWP apps without ARM package run on Windows 10 on ARM (with emulated performance instead of native performance)?

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    Very gooooooooooood.
    so can we run visual studio or cubase or delphi 10 xe on it ?

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    @Andrei Warkentin: I believe it is ARM32 + ARM64 and X86 (32bit) that is supported. The X64 is the one that is missing and since low end ultraportables will be the first batch of systems that will be based on ARM then it's not a big deal

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    A. So no port of Win x64 & x64 apps to ARM64 ?

    B. Looks impressive all the same if the emulation performance hit isn't too big (any numbers) and if the battery life is way better than on Intel Core, otherwise, why bother.

    C. Does this means you'll give a chance for Lumia 950 XL - class of phones to upgrade to full Windows on ARM ?

    D. If not, will we be able to dual-boot Windows 10 on ARM on future Android phones ?





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    Will we see Windows 10s on Arm?

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    Will x86/x64 shell extensions and other DLL in-process components be handled by ARM processes (such as Explorer)?

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    Just curious. Would we be able to upgrade older Arm based surface tablets that are running 8.1? I would love to take what I have and upgrade it to Win10 Arm if it can be done. Then I could use it for something more that surfing the web.

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    ARM + MS, many reused software!
    I feel interesting about GPU related performance.

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    @BadJasper: The performance would be terrible. 1st, RT devices are ARM32, and Win10 ARM is ARM64, so it wouldn't run. But let's pretend it would and keep going. 2nd, those processors were much slower with less cores.  Last, the MMC chips on them were slow as well.  All this added up would be an awful experience.  I have an original Surface RT, and just the boot experience and native apps on it now are extremely slow.

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    If this is working as advertised then this will be a game changer. Good news finally.

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    I have 3 questions:

    1. Will .NET apps (like WPF, console) that target anycpu run natively, and will an extra ARM64 target be added there?

    2. Will there be the possibility to compile unmanaged win32 apps to ARM64 so they run natively on these machines? Larger and heavier apps and apps that run for a long time (think Photoshop, MS Office, AutoCAD) might benefit from it for both performance and battery life. An option to build unmanaged natively for ARM64 would give the developers of these apps the possibility to have their desktop apps running as smooth as possible.

    3. Is there a technical reason why the emulation does not support x86-64?

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    I have a SurfaceRT device.  It became a doorstop really quick.  Too bad I plunked down a bunch of cash for it.  I usually wait a bit to see if there is market acceptance of a product before I jump in; didn't do that then.  I'm waiting around this time to see if this product gets accepted into the marketplace.

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    And to be clear, I love the technology.  I think the caching of the translated executable is fairly exciting.  I'm just wanting to hold a minute before jumping headlong into this.

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    So, if I get this right: Microsoft already had the 32bit abstractionlayer for win10 64bits, so just recompiled for ARM, and presto- the ARM 32-bit abstraction layer. That is why this was easy - but 64bit apps require full recompile and meybe full rewrite - more work.

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    Sidhi Ciang

    Will it runs on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ?

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    @Sidhi Ciang

    Don't think so... because they are mentioning the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors
    And the Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom processor.

    Hopefully I am wrong!

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    Will Windows 10 on ARM support any new generation ARM process that is 64bit. What I mean any core based on Cortex-A72 or Cortex-A73?

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    Bring all the Windows Phone apps to the store. This should be trivial. The apps can run windowed like the Microsoft calculator app.

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    Is there someplace to download this ISO file in order to test?
    What an amazing work.

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    Can a person who purchased a Surface RT upgrade to Windows 10 for ARM? Knowing the specs of the Surface RT, running a Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, did I just answer my own question? Hint: Qualcomm seems to be ARM chipset winner this go 'round.

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    It's almost the last quarter of 2017, is this crap happening or what???!!!!????

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    x86 emulation is nice to have for running old x86 software that never got ported natively to ARM on Surface tablets. (Visio to name just one). Would I have to install some form of AV to block x86 code from breaking out into the ARM filesystem?

    That's one reason I dislike non-Windows Store (unsigned/sideloading) of potential threats.

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    thank you


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    thank you for your time 

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    I'm also wondering how League of Legends runs on x86-emulated systems ;)

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