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Learn how to embed payment experiences into your emails to reach hundreds of millions of Office 365 and customers. Bring payments to Outlook by combining the power of Adaptive cards with Microsoft Pay to enable streamlined checkout experiences. Microsoft Pay makes checking out fast and easy when shopping online and in in apps by managing your payment information in one secure place. In this session, you’ll discover how you can payment-enable your apps, by connecting via Outlook and via partner services. You’ll also understand the broader landscape of experiences you can build that use adaptive cards in Outlook.



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Breakout 75 minute




Sheraton: Willow AB



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The Discussion

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    Marc Roussel

    I don't understand the vertical scrollbars mess when it comes to have an Adaptive Card + HTML in Outlook which makes 3 vertical scrollbars.

    We need to have a way to disable vertical scrollbar for an adaptive card as well as an entire payload of an adaptive card inside a script in the head tag of a page send via C# SMTP.

    It looks horrible. Sorry to be negative here but it's actually terrible for the receiver to interact with so many vertical scrollbars.

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