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MSIX is the future of app installation building on top of and fully compatible with existing appx mechanisms. It provides a cross-platform, down level compliant, enterprise class installer with benefits ranging from existing LOB apps, distribution through the Microsoft Store, Store for Business, or other custom distribution methods. Come see why MSIX brings the best of MSI, Click Once, App-V and APPX together for your customers and business.



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Breakout 75 minute




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The Discussion

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    The high quality video ends at minute 53

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    Fleet Command

    Cannot view the slides online. Office Online Viewers says the size is too large.

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    What about standardization of silent unattended install-activations uninstall-deactivations for users-machines, including custom settings like auto updates needing disabled etc.

    Locked Down Corporate Environment Support Criteria : Software & License Install-Uninstall Requirements:
    . Ensure the media supports install, uninstall, upgrade and license activation-deactivation on multiple machines
    . Ensure media can be installed unattended-silently on multiple users machines
    . Ensure media can be Activated unattended-silently on multiple users machines
    . Ensure media can be Deactivated unattended-silently on multiple users machines
    . Ensure media is not malicious or inadequately developed for Windows
    . Ensure the media does not call home or install from an external source directly eg: Auto updates
    . Ensure custom settings can be applied to multiple users on multiple machines silently-unattended

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    ... Ensure media can be uninstalled unattended-silently on multiple users machines

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