CppCon 2016: Klaus Iglberger “The Blaze High Performance Math Library"

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Published on Oct 5, 2016

Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2016

In this presentation we introduce the Blaze C++ math library, a hot contender for the linear algebra performance throne. Blaze is an open-source, high-performance library for dense and sparse arithmetic. It combines elegance and ease of use with HPC-grade performance, making it one of the most intuitive and at the same time fastest C++ math libraries available.
We demonstrate its basic linear algebra functionality by means of several BLAS level 1 to 3 operations and explain why Blaze outperforms even well established linear algebra libraries. Additionally, we present some advanced features that enable users to adapt Blaze to special circumstances: custom data structures, custom operations, and the customizable error reporting mechanism.
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/blaze-lib/blaze
Benchmarks: https://bitbucket.org/blaze-lib/blaze...

Klaus Iglberger
Senior Software Engineer
Nürnberg Area, Germany
Klaus Iglberger has finished his PhD in computer science in 2010. Back then, he contributed to several massively parallel simulation frameworks and was active researcher in the high performance computing community. From 2011 to 2012, he was the managing director of the central institute for scientific computing in Erlangen. Currently he is on the payroll at CD-adapco in Nuremberg, Germany, as a senior software engineer. Additionally, he is the initiator and lead designer of the Blaze C++ math library (https://bitbucket.org/blaze-lib/blaze).

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