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    A few corrections to the subtitles:
    Hi my name's other times -> Hi, my name's Edward Thomson
    I focus on kit -> I focus on Git
    get version control -> Git version control
    get within Visual Studio -> Git within Visual Studio
    standard get workflow -> standard Git workflow
    be sgs -> VSTS
    when it gets -> one of Git's

    get has become -> Git has become
    good is different -> Git is different
    In some configurations. You -> In some configurations, you
    light get -> like Git
    Get is what's called -> Git is what's called
    now it means -> that means

    make changes Locali -> locally
    with get it -> with Git
    I need to be an administrator -> You don't need to be an administrator
    it doesn't require -> Git doesn't require
    you did. The release build -> you did the release build
    hosting get repository's -> hosting Git repositories
    Git Inve Ses -> Git in VSTS

    innoget -> in a Git
    via css -> VSTS
    the ses -> VSTS
    rich text editor. That's -> rich text editor that's
    pushes town -> pushes tab
    and win -> and when

    an ide that's -> an ide. That's
    the us code -> VS Code
    to be asked -> to VSTS

    in my repository's -> and my repositories
    rich get -> rich Git
    kid notice -> Git noticed
    parts of get is it's -> parts of Git is its
    this change. When I actually want to do is committed -> this change, what I actually want to do is commit it

    were able to -> we're able to
    merge or changes -> merge our changes
    master ranch -> master branch
    the sgs -> VSTS

    new polar quest -> new pull request
    poll request -> pull request (happens three times)
    pull requests. In other -> pull requests in other
    get in -> Git in
    Sevices. Please -> Services, please slash Learn get ->
    aka dot Annes Slash Code Review ->
    aka dot MSN slash. Policies ->

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