Reactive Extensions for .NET for the Rest of Us

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The Discussion

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    Just a quick note - you can find a walkthrough of all the code in this talk over on my blog site;

    which should help in following along. That code has also been updated for the latest drop of Rx.


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    Thanks for a nice introduction to the Rx framework, you might want to add the Rx tag to this video so that it is easier to find.


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    Mike, as usual, outstanding presentation. One suggestion, however. When you're coding in your demos, it would be helpful to avoid use of var whenever possible. When I'm taking in new material, it's helpful to know what the datatypes are and to view them explicitly defined.

    Unfortunately I don't get intellisense when hovering over video ;-)


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    @Aaron:Aaron, that's really useful feedback - thanks a lot for that because I hadn't really thought about it.

    I used var here mostly because it gives me less typing to do and less thinking about what type is actually coming back from some of those methods but, you're right, it helps me whereas it might not help the viewer so much so I'll definitely keep that in mind.


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